Online Beginner Biomechanics Program 

A 4-week course designed to build the foundation of your skillset to improve human movement & performance

Who is it for?

Anyone who is interested in gaining a fundamental understanding of:

  • How the body works: Anatomy & Biomechanics

  • How to assess the body to find limitations & determine what needs to be addressed

  • Creating a logical program & progression for improving movement, posture & performance in the gym

  • People who want to use this knowledge as a stepping-stone for the 12-Week Biomechanics Course.

    Whether you are a Personal Trainer, or just a regular person trying to understand your own body better, this course requires zero previous knowledge of anatomy or physiology!

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What's Included

Four Weekly Presentations

Presentations that build on each other sequentially for ease of learning. Each presentation comes with slides and additional reading materials.

Weekly Review Sessions

Recorded discussions where we review the weekly study guide questions and get practical experience executing, coaching, and programming exercises.

Group Slack Chat

A live chat where you can get answers to your questions, discuss the material, and network with other coaches.

Lifetime Access

All materials and videos are yours forever so you can keep referencing them as you improve your understanding and practical application of the concepts.

Exercise Library & Programs

I don’t expect you to just take the principles and immediately know what to do. That takes hours and years of reps with clients. I give you step-by-step processes with an exercise library of very detailed videos to help you build your own programs.

Andrew Lysy

Internship Coordinator & Coach at Cressey Sports Performance

"Conor’s biomechanics course has been a game changer for my learning and teaching! I’ve had a lot of mentors who’ve used similar principles as their foundation for assessing, programming and coaching but there has always been a missing link between performance and health. Conor’s ability to bridge the gap between performance and health in that perspective makes incorporating these exercises and principles on our training floor so much easier and simple!"

Visual & Practical Learning

Despite this being an online course, I prioritize visual explanations through various models to help guide your understanding. There is also extensive hands-on work as I guide you through coaching and cueing both assessments and exercises.

What is the difference between this course and the Main 12-Week course?

The beginner program is not necessary in order to participate in the main program.

The beginner program is for you if:

  • You do not have a degree in Exercise Science or a related field
  • You want to improve your knowledge of basic anatomy & biomechanical principles. This includes muscle function, bones, joints, etc.
  • You have less than 2 years experience coaching clients
  • You want to develop a foundation of principles before attending the main program
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Program Syllabus

Paul Fabritz (@pjfperformance)

NBA Strength & Conditioning Coach

"Conor's knowledge of biomechanics is next level...After a couple of weeks of training I felt amazing!"

Beginner Biomechanics Course


What you get:

  • 4 Weekly Presentations
  • 4 Weekly Review Sessions
  • Study Guides & Reading Materials
  • Exercise Library & Programs
  • Slack Chat Access
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Interested in finding a live seminar in your area?

The Biomechanics Program also has live seminars in larger cities in the United States. Click below for a list of dates, locations, and more information.

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