Differentiate Yourself & Get Better Results With Clients 

A course designed to revolutionize your approach to human movement & performance through innovative methodologies

Who is it for?

Personal Trainers, Strength & Conditioning Coaches, and Rehab Practitioners who want to:

  • Gain the tools to improve clients' results and grow their business
  • Progress their knoweldge and skillset to stay ahead in the industry
  • Help¬†change the lives of their clients
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If you are interested in the following areas:

  • Improving Assessment Processes
  • Improving Movement Capabilities
  • Increasing Weightroom Performance
  • Improving How Your Clients Feel In & Out Of The Gym

This course is for you.

My goal is give you the tools to separate yourself from other coaches and trainers. My approach will change the way you look at movement. You'll be able to:

  • Indentify the root cause of movement limitations
  • Visually and biomechanically analyze movement and exercises
  • Create programs that meet the needs of the client
  • Progress exercises and programs from start to finish
“I had to stretch 3 times per day to feel better. I got more out of my 30 minute consult with Conor than 3 different physical therapists...after the first week, I felt 10x better"

- Chris, former client


What You'll Learn

As a result of doing this course, you'll be able to:

  • Use simple, easy assessments to identify the root cause of joint & muscular biomechanical limitations
  • Select warm-up and corrective exercises to create immediate changes in range of motion & movement quality
  • Choose weightroom & plyometric exercises that complement the corrective exercises that drive improvements in both movement quality & fitness
  • Program weeks & months of exercises that meet the needs of the client's movement & fitness goals

The Training Industry Has An 80% Turnover Rate...A Big Reason Is Because They Don't Get Results! 

This course is designed to give you the tools to make objective changes that are significant and immediately noticable within your clients.

That doesn't mean the material is easy or it is a magic pill.

In order to understand and master these concepts, it will take time and dedication. That is why each week you will get the chance to apply these concepts in a live setting and I will be there to guide you every step of the way.

We asked hundreds of coaches who have been through the program to take a survey. Here's what they said:

87% more efficient in being able to identify what the root cause of their client's limitations are

78% more efficient in systematizing assessments & programming

Their clients feel 85% better on average after implementing these principles


“I have doubled my clients and confidently increased my session rates by 50% thanks to Conor's course"

- Ilihan, personal trainer


Learn to innovate and get a constant stream of clients.

How can you get more clients if you do the same thing as every other trainer or coach?

This course gives you the ability to help your clients feel amazing and also make progress in their fitness journey. My goal for you is to:

  • Have a huge stream of incoming clients
  • Be able to charge what you are worth because your results speak for your value
  • Maximize client retention because why would they leave someone who has such a unique & effective skillset?

In the same survey mentioned above, we asked coaches (on a scale of 1-10) how much this skillset helps differentiate themselves from their competition.

The average response was a 9.2

Paul Fabritz (@pjfperformance)

NBA Strength & Conditioning Coach

"Conor's knowledge of biomechanics is next level...After a couple of weeks of training I felt amazing!"

What's Included

Weekly Presentation

Presentations that build on each other sequentially for ease of learning. The call is at 10 am PST every Tuesday, but recorded and uploaded immediately in case you have to miss it.

Weekly Review & Practical Sessions

In addition to the presentation calls, we also offer two seperate calls to maximize your experience in the course:

  • Review Session (10 am PST Thursday): Discuss the weekly study guide questions to guide your learning and any related material.
  • Practical Session (4 PM PST Monday): Designed entirely around coaching and executing assessments and exercises.

Just like the presentations, these calls are recorded and uploaded immediately in case you have to miss them.

Group Slack Chat

Get answers to your questions, post client case studies for help, discuss the material, and network with other coaches.

Small Group Discussion

Join a group of coaches in your specific time zone in Slack for discussion and networking opportunities.

Exercise Library & Programs

I don’t expect you to just take the principles and immediately know what to do. That takes hours and years of reps with clients. I give you step-by-step processes with an exercise library of over 300 very detailed videos in 4K quality to help you build your own model.

Post-Course Group

Get lifetime access to the post-course group. I offer long-term support to help you progress your knowledge and skillset. Also included is a monthly live Q&A call.

“I have seen many practitioners over the years and none of them could fix anything, despite some working at the highest level. I started working with Conor and I am feeling great for the first time in years!”

- Tom

Student Athlete


Get Your NSCA, NASM, and/or Athletic Training CEUs!

This course is eligible for the maximum amount of CEU units for a continuing education course for both the NSCA and NASM for Personal Trainers and Strength Coaches. Also the BOC for Athletic Trainers.

Phil Daru

Personal Trainer & MMA Strength Coach

"Conor breaks down complex and detailed training interventions like no other. I've been using his methods with my athletes for a while and highly recommend this course to anyone looking to enhance their training!"

Program Syllabus & Content Previews

Hear From Coaches Who Have Already Gotten RESULTS


What is the difference between the Live and Self-Paced Courses?

This is a common question. Both courses have indefinite access to the materials, so you could technically go at your own pace in the live course too. It's just that you have the option to attend live in addition to what is described below.

The difference between the live course is that you get:

  • The most updated version of the course
  • Practical Application sessions
  • Slack chat to ask questions & post case studies
  • The opportunity to join small group discussion & network
  • The opportunity to become certified

Both courses include CEUs.

Biomechanics LIVE Program (August 2024)


  • Live Weekly Presentation
  • Live Weekly Review Session
  • Live Practical Session
  • Slack Chat
  • Small Group Discussion
  • Study Guides, Quizzes, & Reading Materials
  • Exercise Library & Programs
  • Certified Biomechanics Specialist Certification + NSCA/NASM CEUs
  • Lifetime Access To All Materials + Post-Course Group
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