Online Training Options

I get a lot of inquiries for online training through social media. However, given that I am a gym owner, run an online program for coaches, and have hours of content to make each week, I unfortunately do not have time for online training.

However, I do want to help those who want the service. Therefore, I have trainers who I trust that I refer out to.

These trainers have all taken my course and I personally vouch for to utilize the same methodology I use to give you the best possible results.

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Our Trainers:

Trevor Corrado

Specializes in:

  • Strength Athletes
  • Asymmetry
  • Exercise Modifications

"I found my passion for biomechanics, movement, and coaching after suffering a hip injury in 2016. It happen right after I placed first in my second powerlifting meet and was preparing for nationals.


The injury left me feeling lost, in pain, and lacking confidence in my body’s ability to perform. I tried traditional physical therapy, webMDing, and all kinds of stretches. A year and a half later, I met my first mentor and got introduced to in-depth biomechanics through the lens of PRI(Postural Restoration Institute). 


By the end of our first session, I felt better and had more clarity on what was going on with my body. Within a few months, I felt confident in my  body, my hip issues greatly improved, and I was squatting 3x week. I spent the next few years studying biomechanics, training, and coaching while working in business. In 2017, I followed my passion, left my desk job, and started coaching full time. 


A lot of my learning has come from self study and interning among some the best coaches in the industry.In 2021, I left my home of 26 years in NJ to pursued an internship under Conor and at the end of 3 months came on as a full time coach. 


Currently, I employee a variety of methodologies to help my clients feel their best in and outside of the gym. 


If you’re interested in working together, I’d love to help."

Jacob Grams

Specializes in:

  • Sports Performance
  • Hypertrophy
  • Chronic Pain

"I'm a sports performance coach and personal trainer with a passion for helping others achieve their fitness and performance goals. I've worked with and helped dozens of NFL and MLB athletes in optimizing their training approaches, including multiple #1 overall draft selections, all-stars, and pro-bowlers. Additionally, I've had collaborated closely with two NFL dietitians in an effort to provide a holistic, evidenced-based approach to high-performance. 


I also have an extensive background in training general population clients seeking peak health and movement without restriction, assisting clients ranging from 8 to 93 years old.


I played college football and concurrently earned Kinesiology and Sport Management degrees from the top-ranked programs in the country in Rice University. In 2021, I earned the distinction of being named a member of the Hampshire Honor Society for academic and athletic excellence by the College Football Hall of Fame."

Max Ford

Specializes in:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Hypertrophy (muscle building)
  • Muscle Tightness

"I’ve been a personal trainer and strength coach for 12 years, first working with collegiate D1 and future professional football players and learning exclusively how to improve performance. When I transitioned to personal training, I encountered a different population with vastly different limitations and goals. It was here that I tasked myself with understanding why some people could not perform exercises without pain. I delved deep into understanding idiosyncratic differences in the way people move and the limiting factors that excluded them from training or doing what they had previously enjoyed doing pain-free.


Simply put, I want you to feel better and move more efficiently. By restoring movement options, you will have to rely less on painful areas to move and thus allowing you to enjoy exercise without worrying about pain. I will give you the tools you need that address underlying compensations that are not that obvious, and with consistency, we will free your body up to perform how it prefers to perform."

Taylor Boryca

Specializes in:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
  • Asymmetry


I’m currently a Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) working in the chronic pain realm primarily utilizing Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) concepts to treat my diverse clientele. I focus heavily on pelvic floor health, gaining overall alignment, and increasing strength. Through my clinical experience I have witnessed that a lot of times it is not the persons fault as to why they can’t fully relax their body to perform desired uncompensated movements. Thankfully, I have a strong ability to determine when this is the case and how to correctly prescribe the use of a visual, dental, or foot orthotic to gain better ability to move freely in your body and if desired, under load. 
I implement a training plan with your goals in mind. Though my specialty is currently in chronic pain I also approach training with the goal of prevention in mind.
Those reoccurring pains or stiffness you are experiencing, let’s tackle those before they snowball into larger injuries over time. Would love to work with you!